Monday, April 23, 2012

SGC Maps

SGC Maps™ is an innovative book of maps intended as an on-stream reference guide for stream anglers that details a specific stream in an easy to read and use format. Unlike any other stream map or guide, SGC Maps offer the most comprehensive stream information, including the following:
  • Stream divided into multiple logical sections
  • Detailed map for each logical stream section
  • Map Locator
  • Location of primary fishing stretches
  • GPS waypoints of primary stretches
  • Substrate, distance and time indicators for each logical section
  • Stream summary (in text format) for each logical section
  • Quick Stats Chart
  • Streets and access points
  • Fishing tips and techniques
  • State road map(s)
  • Contact information for local tackle and fly shops, dining, and lodging
In addition, SGC Maps provide Intelligent Fishing tools to facilitate planning, execution and recording to improve fishing success, including the following:
  • Trip Planner
  • Stream Fishing Log
  • Stream Fishing Journal
  • Fishing Trip Readiness Checklist
  • Steelheader’s Contacts list
Each book of maps in the Steelhead Alley Series™ focuses on one tributary of Lake Erie’s south shore from Ohio to New York known to have an outstanding steelhead fishery.

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